Joomla Project Management

Joomla is one of the webs most popular content management systems.  Content management systems help you build web sites and manage the content & users.  One of the most popular aspects of Joomla is that it’s open source (think Free!) and is widely used with a large support community.

Joomla is very customizable and can be easily extended either through coding yourself or by using 3rd party extensions using Joomla’s application framework.

Joomla Project Management Software

Web based project management software is nothing new there are many online services that offer pay-per-seat license models for software capable of managing complex project tasks such as resource planning, scheduling, risk management etc however for those on a limited budget this can be a step to far.  Joomla offers a way round this with as being low cost and relatively easy to deploy.   There’s some really good Joomla Project software with many applications on offer covering some of the key tasks and they are well worth a look.

Here’s some example Joomla Project management extensions  – Prioritized tasks w/ milestones, unlimited projects, file management, calendars, discussion boards, time tracking and more; all on a per-project basis, plus totally customizable ACL users groups. -JForce is a project management component for Joomla! CMS that will help you organize your projects, provide custom access for your clients to view projects, add new information, retrieve and pay invoices, and more; all from the convenience of your own website.

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