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How To Create A Project Charter

When you are starting a new project you want to make sure everyone is on the same page, that they know what needs to be done and who is doing it, that the project has a suitable business case and has appropriate sponsorship and approval. The Project Charter is a document that is used to answer the who, what, where, when and how.

A project charter is a project document that has a number of sections and includes:

• The expected outcome of the project and how it will be achieved. The charter documents what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and by whom.

• The charter needs to include the purpose of the project being worked on and how it will affect the organization. If there is a return on investment (ROI) then it should be stated.

• Who will be involved with the project from project team to steering board.

• The project scope which explains who will be affected and how and the nature of the deliverable including clear measurable goals.

• Initial risk summary – the project charter includes a list of all the key risks of the project. There are risks and issues that will arise with any project. Besides listing the risks you need to include how you plan to mitigate them.

• Resource plan – You need to include a list of resources that will be needed to deliver the project. The resources will include anything from material, to staff and to finances.

• Project team – who is going to be working on the project?

Once completed the project charter is usually signed by the project manager, the project sponsor, the finance function and other key stakeholders (e.g. key customers).

Having a project charter will ensure that the project has been thought through and constructed in a robust fashion. When you can put a charter together you have something to guide you through the project and act as a communication document for senior stakeholders. The Project Charter can also be a great tool for new project staff to review when they join the team.

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