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How to Build Support For Your Project

Just imagine it has always been your dearest wish to be part of a project which is going to benefit a major portion of your organization. The management has decided to take on the challenge of starting the new project. You have planned it in detail. You have allocated a budget to this plan. You have skilled workers, consultants, technicians and other people ready to take on this project. But what about the important stuff – how to build support for your project? There is always going to be resistance to change, in society, and even in your company, whenever the idea of something new crops up.

So you can accept the fact that there are going to be people supporting this project wholeheartedly. There are also going to be an equal number of people resisting this project wholeheartedly. The rest of the 80% may decide that the project has nothing to do with them. Or they may be undecided. And then if they have to make up their minds, they may be very skeptical about the need and necessity for such an expensive project. That is because they do not know how the quality of their lives is going to be change for the better, thanks to this project. They are used to one particular way of life. They do not want any interference or any sort of “modern” progress. This is where you need to know all about building support for your project.

Get people to know about it. Talk to people and get their views. They would like to be heard. Then tell them how useful the project is going to be for them sell its benefits! This silent 80% is going to be a very important factor in deciding whether your project is going to go through or not. A number of projects all over the world are being held up because of technical or business related issues. Many of them have been shelved completely because of resistance within the project community. Whilst there is often, of course, a logical reason for opposing a project how many of these would have survived if equipped with an effective communications plan including appropriate ways to engage with stakeholders.

Your not a project manager your a campaign manager!

Never forget the importance of brand awareness – brand your project – at the very least give it a name – Use this identity in any internal marketing campaign. Tell people how much your company cares about the project, sell the benefits within this brand. You can use it for training programs. These are just some of the examples which you can communicate to your audience. Recognition is key. Recognition and awareness can help kickstart trust. They would rather have something asked of them rather than have something thrust on them. Human psychology is going to play a major part in your build support for your project campaign.

So once you have targeted your audience, start your communications strategy before your project kicks off in earnest. Get your message across before there is any chance of resistance being built. Inform, Inform and inform again. Tell the community about its necessity, its usefulness and how they can be involved in that particular project, you are automatically on your way to getting wholehearted and enthusiastic support from the public. Listen to and incorporate useful suggestions in your project. Make good use of media, open forums, public forums, Internet forums and open house discussions to build support for your project.

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