How much does an assistant project manager make?

In our recent article on how much does a project manager make we looked at the industry average salaries for Project Managers in 2012 – it’s an interesting piece if you’re a Project Manager and you’d like to compare your salary with your peers it’s well worth checking out.

However for those of you looking towards beginning you’re career in project management you might be interested in what roles you might start your career with and what salary.

Junior project roles
While the title of Assistant Project Manager may sound illustrious to many the unfortunate down side of starting your career in Project Management is that you can start out by doing an awful lot of administrative tasks (this is especially true where your project doesn’t have a PMO and relies on junior staff for the more mundane tasks).  While this can be a little disheartening on the plus side this does give you a great learning environment from which to gain knowledge on project processes and methods – these roles are as much about soaking up skills and information as they are about executing complex tasks.

But what roles should you look out for here’s a list of entry level project roles

  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Assistant
  • Junior Project Manager
  • Project Manager Assistant
  • Project Engineer

While these all have different job titles you might find that the duties that the incumbent holds are pretty similar – so now you know what roles to look for – what can you expect to earn from them?

What does a Junior Project Manager make?

Using the same reference sites as our article on 2012 Project Manager Salaries here’s what we found for the more junior roles.

  Average Salary $46,000 $49,000 $62,000 $52,000 $64,000


So how does this compare to our research on what a project manager makes?

As you’d expect the salaries for junior positions are considerably lower than that of a Project Manager.  There is a fair spread of results with the average being.  As ever these salaries are dependent on a variety of things such as type of project you’re working on, the organization you’re working for, your experience and the level of responsibility.

So how long can you expect to remain in a junior role?  There are two main routes into furthering your career from the position of Junior Project Manager – firstly you can achieve promotion within your organization and secondly you can move to roles outside of your organization – for both there is a dependency on experience and previous performance (with the latter being especially true if your moving within your organization) – the experience threshold looks to be a minimum of 1 year with two years carrying more weight.


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